My name is Elijah Castle, and my pronouns are they/them. I am a community worker and an interdisciplinary trans health advocate. I am committed to providing access and education for  those seeking and working in gender affirming healthcare. My lived experience as a trans person who has accessed gender affirming health interventions informs my work. 

I work in gender affirming surgery research at NYU Langone. The research I work in focuses on patient reported outcomes. I am invested in trans people being the determinants for what is important in our own healthcare. I previously worked in the adolescent health program at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, and spent a good portion of my time there working to improve the quantity and quality of patient education for patients pursuing gender affirming surgeries. 

I also co-run a buddy program at NYU for patients undergoing genital gender affirming surgeries at NYU. For the past year I have been helping to facilitate Tool Shed, a NYC-based peer support group for people who are interested in and post-op phalloplasty and metoidioplasty. 

My main goal is to help remove barriers to affirming and lifesaving care for transgender and non binary individuals, and to educate providers and caregivers on how best to create environments that support us without stigma. The priorities and needs of trans people should take the lead in how our healthcare is provided to us. Trans people should be knowledgeable and activate participants in our care. 

I am also interested in further exploring and working in the intersections of trans/queer healthcare with disability justice, eating disorders, fat/body politics, destigmatization, and depathologization.

This is an independent project by myself, Elijah Castle. All opinions on this site are my own and are not reflective of my employer.