I am available to present at conferences and other events on a variety of trans-related topics. Both my lived as well as my professional experience allows me the knowledge necessary to present on many issues.

I have presented at outside conferences and workshops, including the Philadelphia Transgender Wellness Conference, First Event and Gender Conference NYC. I have presented with fellow Callen-Lorde colleagues, as well as with the NYU Langone transgender surgery program. I also present regularly as part of my job at Callen-Lorde to facilitate patient education with accurate and up-to-date information.

I am available to consult on the same topics, as well as LGBQT+ issues and concerns in the workplace. I have worked in professional settings designing protocols for trans people coming out at work, patient education documents, and more.



Workshops and presentation available on topics such as gender affirming procedures and healthcare, surgery coordination, and more.

Available presentations: 

  • Gender Affirming Surgery for Youth

  • Preparing for Gender Affirming Surgery

  • Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty, and Hysterectomy

  • Orchiectomy and Vaginoplasty 

  • Gender Affirming Top Surgeries 

  • Facial and Vocal Surgeries 

  • Sexual and Reproductive Pre- and Post-Op Health

  • Body Contouring and Hair Removal Procedures

  • Healthcare Self-Advocacy for Trans People

  • Multidisciplinary Care of Pre- and Post-Op TGNB Patients