My lived and professional experience allows me the knowledge necessary to present and consult on many trans health-related issues.

Presentations and Workshops

I have presented both internally at organizations I have worked at, as well as at community and professional conferences on various topics related to transgender health. Please see my CV for a detailed list of my presentation history.

I am happy to be solicited to present in professional, academic, and community-focused settings.

Workshops and presentations available on topics such as gender affirming procedures and healthcare, trans health justice, self-advocacy, and more.

Available presentations: ​

  • The Current State of BMI and Gender Affirming Surgery

  • Gender Affirming Surgery for Youth

  • Preparing for Gender Affirming Surgery

  • Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty, and Hysterectomy

  • Orchiectomy and Vaginoplasty 

  • Gender Affirming Top Surgeries 

  • Facial and Vocal Surgeries 

  • Sexual and Reproductive Pre- and Post-Op Health

  • Body Contouring and Hair Removal Procedures

  • Healthcare Self-Advocacy for Trans People

  • Multidisciplinary Care of Pre- and Post-Op TGNB Patients 


I am available to consult on topics within gender affirming healthcare, as well as more general LGBTQ+ issues and concerns.

Current consulting clients include the Gender Confirmation Center. Prior to being hired as a full-time employee at NYU Langone, I provided volunteer consulting to help develop gender affirming surgery-specific patient education documents, as well as input on HR policies to help support transgender employees. 

Please reach out for a testimonial, or if you would like to discuss a project you think I may be able to help support.